Derma Care Services carries a skin care line called LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS. This line is unique because of its ingredient concepts of skincare that are methodically designed to work in harmony. Right from the outset, the exclusivity of the products guarantees top customer loyalty.  There are many products on the market, but care methods or effective cosmetics with complete solutions are few and far between. Every method by LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS focuses first and foremost on the our clients and their needs and attitude to life. The products that we carry from LA BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS are:
METHODE ESSENTIELLE - the ultimate care highlight for perfect skin condition
METHODE ANTI-AGE- regeneration of wrinkles and lines
METHODE DYNAMISANTE- regulations of dry skin and premature ageing prevention
METHODE RELAXANTE- restructing of sensitive skin
METHODE CLARIFIANTE - regulation of oily, impure skin
BRUNIBOL- cosemtic sun protection
PERFECTION CORPS - perfect body treatment

The LA BIOSTHETIQUE skincare method are based on the 5 care principles of :
Skin-specific cleansing and toning
Metabolism-regulation aromatherapy
Oil-balancing basic care
Deeply regulating moisture care
Individual special care

The skincare methods and ingredients with high skin-absorption properties ensure the skin remains healthy.

Also, Derma Care Services just launched their LA BIOSTHETIQUE Natural Cosmetics line. This certified 100% skin care combines biological purity and natural goodness with luxury pampering. These products include:
Ingredients of natural origin
Free from silicones and parabens
Free from synthetic colourings and perfumes
Free from mineral oils
Exclusive professional quality

In addition, Derma Care Services carries LA BIOSTHETIQUE Belavance natural mineral makeup line. With the Belavance, LA BIOSTHETIQUE has a wide range of products, textures and colours that are always based on current fashion and colour trends. The Belavance makeup collection fulfils every demand the modern woman might make on her makeup.