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Skin beauty and the quest for achieving body aesthetics through diet and fitness is common ground that links many of us together. We are all too familiar with the discipline, commitment and time that is invested just to lose a couple of those intractable inches. The proverbial “seeing is believing” speaks to the astonishing results of the non-invasive Zerona laser technology for body slimming and contouring.

Inch reduction statistical findings gleaned through double-blind, randomized, multi-site and placebo-controlled studies reveal that on average, patients lost 3.64 inches from their waist, hips and thighs. Zerona is a safe and effective treatment that will improve your overall wellness through positive self-image!

What is Zerona?
•    It is a revolutionary treatment for body slimming focusing on inch reduction.

•    The Zerona is a “no touch” (there is no physical contact with the skin) low-level laser that  simply melts the fat.

•    ZERO pain, ZERO risk, ZERO downtime, ZERO surgery!

How is this possible?
•    This is a cool laser (does NOT produce heat which causes discomfort) that stimulates adipose (fat storing cells) to shrink/collapse the fat within the cell.

•    It is then secreted naturally i.e. excess fat is passed out of the body. This results in millions of fat cells becoming smaller so inches are reduced off the waist, hips & thighs.

•    The fat cells are NOT injured in any way.

What is involved?
•    Zerona treatment consists of a series of 6 treatments that are staged 2 days apart over the course of two weeks:

Monday Wednesday Friday in succession over a two week period.
Each treatment is 40 minutes in duration; 20 minutes both front & back – it is a symptom-free process!

•    Every patient requires a consultation to ensure he/she is a good candidate.
•    This is an opportune time to confirm patient goals and the timeline for achieving these goals.

Commitment and strict adherence to the scheduling & lifestyle protocol. You must be willing to maintain a healthy diet & fitness regimen to sustain results.
If treatments are staged greater than 72 hours apart, some of the fat may be reabsorbed by the fat cells thus reducing the likelihood of expected results!

What areas of the body can I use Zerona to treat?
•    It can be used effectively on essentially every body part where localized fat deposits exist that have not responded to diet & exercise.

•    Most patients start with treating the waist, hips & thighs.

•    Other areas include: upper arms, bra-line fat, inner knees, back fat & buttocks.

Unlike other technologies, Zerona is not site specific i.e. the waist, hips & thighs can all be targeted in 1 treatment (consisting of 6 sessions)

What is the treatment protocol for these two weeks of treatment?
•    Continue your normal daily activities.
•    Stay hydrated (8-10 glasses of water daily)
•    Continue to eat healthy and exercise daily (walk at least 30 minutes)
•    Abstain from alcohol & caffeine – these can mitigate your results because of the adverse effect on your body’s ability to metabolize the fat.

What if I am pregnant or have medical conditions?
Patients with significant medical conditions such as advanced cardiovascular disease should be assessed by our Medical Director Dr. Norbash initially to determine suitability for treatment based on medical history.

Why have we chosen to integrate this into our cosmetic practice?
•    We have seen amazing results evidenced by treating our own staff.
NO Pain, NO surgery & resume normal daily activities without interruption – Immediately!
•    It is the only clinically-proven NON-INVASIVE slimming treatment.
•    Most patients are seeing between 3-4 inch reduction.
•    Results are evident in as little as 2 weeks (4-6 sessions)
•    The procedure can be performed multiple times – no interim waiting period between treatments!
•    With additional treatments you can expect to see improved results.
•    It is a less expensive alternative to Liposuction.

Why is it so popular with patients?


•    Any patient who does not have at least 3 ½ inches of reduction in measurement will receive a 2nd treatment FREE!

•    The average patient loses anywhere from 3.5-11” & some have lost even more!
•    You are measured before & after your treatments to diary your loss of inches
•    The “tight jean” syndrome many of us know can now become the measuring stick by which you can gauge your FEEL of inch loss and pleasure
•    NO side effects or complications have been reported in relation to Zerona treatment
NO anaesthesia, NO physical contact, NO bruising, NO discomfort
Added Benefits:
•    Some studies have even shown a reduction in the body’s cholesterol levels after treatment thereby improving overall wellness of Zerona clients
NO Down Time:
•    You are able to continue your current weight loss and fitness regimen during this short course of treatments
NO Incisions, NO Preparation, Quasi-Instant Gratification
•    Our office has flexible hours
•    Treatment is only 40 minutes
•    No unflattering evidence of a treatment having been performed i.e. scar, redness, swelling etc.
•    No disruption in your activity level

 “When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But you cannot argue with results. Inches are inches, and the Zerona removes inches, more than four inches on the “test” case we did for “The Doctors”. I have to say, I didn’t believe it at first either.”

— Dr. Drew Ordon
Lead Physician on the Hit T.V. Show “The Doctors”

The Zerona Laser Featured on Episode of The Doctors
Zerona Fat Burning Laser Treatment - Zerona on Rachael Ray

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